We specialize in clients who:

  • believe there is always room for improvement
  • feel life is an adventure
  • describe boxes as boring, predictable, and limiting
  • like cars, because Liz likes to compare a lot of body movements to cars (ok, this one might be negotiable)
  • "failed" out of PT, or believe no one can resolve your pain/injury/posture
  • are invested, and want to be involved and engaged in your progress
  • want to do what you're passionate about for the rest of your life

Who have we worked with so far?

2018 Winter Olympic Games medalists and athletes.
Boston Marathon winner.
Olympic athletes - medalists, marathoners, figure skaters, track & field participants, wrestlers, weightlifters. 
Professional athletes - cycling, football, golf, hockey, MMA, multiple running distances, soccer, UFC.
Amateur sports - nearly all of them!
Touring performance acts.

And, anyone else who wants to improve their performance or needs rehab!