The Official Golgi Performance Announcement!

Colorado athletes now have a powerful partner to help them meet and exceed their performance goals. Golgi Performance, led by Liz Grimm, specializes in improving soft tissue performance to help athletes maximize their physical potential as well as prevent and recover from injury. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Golgi Performance serves clients along the Front Range from Colorado Springs north to Boulder. 

Specializing in manually activating and working muscle tissue, Golgi Performance clients can see benefits such as increased muscular power output, increased speed, stability and agility, lowered risk of injury, and early injury prevention. In fact, our technique supports the athlete’s body so effectively that our clients can replace a workout with a sports maintenance session without suffering any negative effects on performance.
In addition, through a close relationship with the Colorado Springs Human Performance and Rehabilitation Center, Golgi Performance specialists can investigate how an athlete’s body moves by analyzing their unique biomechanics, posture, vestibular system and even vision tracking using a 360-degree infrared camera system. Golgi Performance specialists can then examine how these factors affect a client’s soft tissue, balance, and overall sports skill set.

Golgi Performance offers a personalized and powerful mix of sports, periostal and medical massage therapies, muscle release techniques, Kinesio Taping, myofascial release, PIR and PNF stretching, muscle activation testing, lymph drainage, personal training, and postural and Kinetisense-based vestibular balance testing. 

Golgi Performance is also proud to aid the Colorado Springs Human Performance and Rehabilitation Center with their Concussion Continuum, a program using the latest, cutting edge technology to rapidly conduct concussion baseline testing and retesting, in administering testing and study how soft tissue manipulation and sensory input can aid in concussion recovery.

About Liz Grimm: 
Liz returns to Colorado after having lived and practiced in Texas and the Washington D.C. area where she honed her unique approach to performance and recovery.  Liz first lived in Colorado while attending the University of Colorado in Boulder where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Italian Literature and Language and International Affairs. Upon realizing that her true calling was athlete performance and recovery, Liz earned her Master of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Texas. In addition, she is certified in Kinesio Taping, Sports Massage Therapy, and Personal Training. She is also a Level One Track & Field Coach through USA Track & Field.

Golgi Performance is located at: 402 W. Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO 80907. 

And, we're live!

Golgi Performance is a culmination of years' of studying human kinesiology with a focus of soft tissue work. 

Golgi itself is a play on Golgi Tendon Organs, which are proprioreceptor organs which sense how tense or relaxed a muscle is.  In terms of soft tissue performance, these are the most important things to work with, so I've carefully crafted techniques from various industries and tailored them to fit my athletes' needs. 

I bring sports massage therapy techniques to fire up muscles before an event. I use PNF and PIR stretching to achieve improved range of motion.  We can "slap some tape" in a carefully managed way to help activate certain muscles with de-activating others. I use medical massage to help an athlete recover from injuries, whether they're overuse injuries, acute flare ups, or however else they are now injured. 

With all of this, I then bring in a system called Kinetisense to assess range of motion, posture and balance to provide objective, scientific data for my clients.  Want to know if it works, have some scientific proof.