And, we're live!

Golgi Performance is a culmination of years' of studying human kinesiology with a focus of soft tissue work. 

Golgi itself is a play on Golgi Tendon Organs, which are proprioreceptor organs which sense how tense or relaxed a muscle is.  In terms of soft tissue performance, these are the most important things to work with, so I've carefully crafted techniques from various industries and tailored them to fit my athletes' needs. 

I bring sports massage therapy techniques to fire up muscles before an event. I use PNF and PIR stretching to achieve improved range of motion.  We can "slap some tape" in a carefully managed way to help activate certain muscles with de-activating others. I use medical massage to help an athlete recover from injuries, whether they're overuse injuries, acute flare ups, or however else they are now injured. 

With all of this, I then bring in a system called Kinetisense to assess range of motion, posture and balance to provide objective, scientific data for my clients.  Want to know if it works, have some scientific proof.