What can LAPS Massage offer teams and organizations?

Beyond massage, when working with teams and organizations, we provide assessments, outside view points, and offer resources, tools and solutions for some of the following:

Why LAPS Consultants?

We are experts in biomechanical assessments, active and passive forms of manual therapy and joint mobility, and have mastered the tricky ground in between being innovative, cutting-edge scientists and being world-class therapists who can read the textbook, but may not understand its application.  

Example, are you seeing trends of hamstring injuries? The biomechanical scientist would say, "look at tibial rotation function."  The therapist would say, "let's massage/ART/MAT/foam roll out the hamstring."  But neither effectively and permanently reduces hamstring problems. We can say, "have you considered the tibial rotation in these athletes, AND here are tools for how you can both actively and passively affect the heads of the tibias to dis-engage the hamstring head."

  • Injury trends, and mechanics or training causes
  • Signs of overtraining
  • Movement performance and neurological input
  • Joint mobility and its effect on strength output
  • Kinesthetic awareness of athletes
  • Pain threat neuromatrix
  • Neuromuscular re-education
  • Biomechanics
    • Gait
    • Squat
    • Lunge
    • Spinal flexion, extension and twisting
    • Sport specific movements
  • Assessments
    • For overall team health
    • For individual athletes
  • Breathing and effects on performance
  • Tools
    • Shinbox mastery, as assessment and therapy
    • Elbow and Shoulder Circle mastery, as assessment and therapy
    • Application to sport
  • Foot complex
  • Active Contractile Mapping