Slightly intense, yet very welcoming, bad at jokes, but good with snappy one-liners, and constantly moving and analyzing, Liz is the Liz behind Liz Arlene Performance and Sports, which began with a burning strive to learn looked-over biomechanics and kinesiology and then understand how to properly apply it to soft tissue performance.  

Hello science, goodbye froo-froo, hypnotic music and inconsistent results. 

Armed with a Master of Science in Kinesiology through the University of Texas at Tyler, Liz has studied under some of the country's best biomechanists, movement and manual therapists, such as Oleg Bouimer, Dr. Ross Turchaninov, and Dr. Grove Higgins. 

Liz has an impressive history of working with elite athletes and performers, including the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, during which she was hand picked by the USOC to to act as one of two team USA sports massage therapists, as well as multiple professional teams, individual professional and Olympic-level athletes and amateurs around the country. 

Liz is a licensed massage therapist and also holds certifications in Kinesio Taping, personal training, USA Track & Field coaching, and wellness coaching. 

The Colorado Springs Human Performance & Rehabilitation Center Teammates


Liz is also a part of the Colorado Springs Human and Performance Rehabilitation Center.  Often, consulting for teams and larger organizations are done in-conjunction with the HPR Team, so that our athletes and clients receive world-class care. 


Dr. Grove Higgins, CEO

Dr. Higgins has studied brain function, movement, and pain for nearly 25 years. After working in the field for many years, Dr. Higgins concluded that many of the existing techniques and professions were too limited by their perspective or toolset. He soon recognized that many performance related issues, such as movement and pain, require a combination of neurological, soft-tissue and biomechanical alignment techniques, to remediate.  Dr. Higgins sought out the best education and mentorship he could in coaching, neurological and soft tissue training and rehabilitation, finding it in the powerful combination of Z-Health Performance System and other techniques including A.R.T. (Active Release Techniques).

HPR is a culmination of a dream to provide clients the broad range of services and experience of quality professionals. Dr. Higgins believes that the client should be the focus of attention, and not the techniques the doctor or therapist uses.

Dr. Higgins has been married for over 15 years and has a beautiful family with three children. Being a homeschooling family, Dr Higgins is very active in Scouting, church, and is the Coordinator of the Pikes Peak Library Homeschool Science Lab. He is also very active in serving our wounded, ill or injured soldiers and vets working with over 2,000 soldiers. He and Pat Marques are currently starting up a new veteran service organization called Warrior Evolved, which you can contact at


Pat Marques

Pat Marques served in the Active Duty Army for 20 years in the Infantry and Special Forces.  After retiring in 2011 he decided to continue working with soldiers by helping our nation’s wounded warriors through adaptive physical training.  As Pat pursued his education and certifications in exercise science he volunteered as a trainer to assist wounded, ill, and injured soldiers, beginning his strong relationship and shared passion with Dr. Higgins.  Pat continued to serve our nation’s veterans as a national program manager for Wounded Warrior Project before re-teaming with Dr. Higgins at Human Performance & Rehabilitation.

Pat utilizes skills developed as a Z-Health Master Trainer to provide exercise therapy, movement reeducation, and strength and conditioning for every level of client at HPR – from chronic pain sufferers to Olympic-level athletes.  As Director of Rehabilitative Exercise and Performance Training, he strives to bring cutting edge knowledge and techniques to our clients and patients as well as our community of practice.

Pat is married with four daughters, but still finds time to continue strength training and run the Pikes Peak Ascent race every year.  He still works with wounded warriors, both active and veterans, and is active in Warrior Evolved ( with Dr. Higgins to provide unique and empowering functional wellness for veterans.


Mary Wilson

Mary's passions lie in equipping people with the knowledge and tools to keep their body strong and moving well for living their best life.  She personalizes training to best match her clients in their goals of body composition, nutritional choices, moving well, and balancing busy schedules.

Mary’s degree is in Fitness and Exercise Science and she has worked in the exercise science and wellness field since the early 90’s.  Her experience ranges from personal training, fitness and nutrition classes, exercise therapy - under the direction of Dr. Mike Leahy and along side Dr. Higgins, and Z Health Movement Reeducation.

Mary's role is to ensure clients and patients, YOU,  have the most comfortable and productive experience at HPR.